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Finding the right security service in Maryland does not have to be hard. At DMAC Security, we provide maximum protection for people and businesses across the state.  Your security matters to us, so we do everything in our power to keep you protected.  Businesses ands residential communities across the state view DMAC security as the best option for security services in Maryland.

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Unarmed Security Guards

Our unarmed security guards are one of our most popular and effective Maryland security services.  Uniformed Unarmed security guards can fill the dual roles of crime prevention resource and customer service representative.   They use their visible presence to deter crime and their communication skills to engage the public. 

Unarmed Security Guards fill many roles such as:

  • Customer Service Rep
  • Crime prevention
  • Concierge
  • Crowd control personnel
  • Fire watch
  • Access control agents

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Armed Security Guards

For situations with a high risk of violent crime, you might be interested in armed security guards from DMAC Security. Our armed guards are the perfect solution if your site has a history of violent crimes, ongoing drug activity, or looking to protect sensitive information.

Our armed guards go through a vigorous background check and much training to ensure the best guards are chosen for your site. If your site needs an armed guard, we will happily provide one to you.

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Mobile Security Patrols

DMAC marked mobile patrol security vehicle

We also offer mobile security patrols at DMAC Security. A uniformed security guard will ride around in a marked vehicle with flashing lights. In areas inaccessible by car, they will perform on-foot patrols.

The goal of the patrols is to spot crime and stop it. At the very least, the presence of a security officer will scare away criminals. The patrol can be done sporadically or through a designated path. We tailor our mobile security patrol service to meet your needs. 


Fire Watch Services

Fire watch services from DMAC Security will keep you safe and following local mandates. You might need our fire watch service if:

  • The fire marshal requires it
  • Your fire suppression system is not working.
  • You take your fire system offline for scheduled maintenance
  • Your sprinklers or fire alarms are out of service

Our officer will patrol your area, looking for signs of fire. If they spot signs of fire, they will alert the site and direct people to emergency exits.

Our security guard will also ensure that all exits are always transparent. They will fill out a detailed patrol log that outlines observations, areas patrolled, and the patrol time. Patrol logs are a requirement for all fire watch services.

Residential Security

unarmed security guard

Families deserve to feel safe in their own homes. For that reason, we decided to roll out a comprehensive residential security service. For small or large residential communities, we will keep you safe.

If the communities are within a certain radius, our guard can provide random security patrols to multiple areas. Alternatively, we can provide a team of security officers to provide around-the-clock protection and coverage of your residential community.

Types of Locations That We Protect

Since we offer many services, we can protect several different locations. The bottom line is, if you need to feel safe in a specific area, you can bring in DMAC Security. Here are some of the locations we have protected in the pasts:

  • Construction sites
  • Events
  • Residential buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Medical facilities

GPS Patrol Tracking

We use the newest technology to maximize the quality of services that we offer.  Our GPS patrol tracking system is an example of how we leverage technology to ensure that customers get the full benefit from their security investment.  Patrol tracking systems monitor security officer activity in real-time.  These systems motivate security officers to remain on task.

What GPS Patrol Tracking Does

  • Uses GPS and scanning technology to verify the officer’s location
  • Monitors the position of every security officer in real-time
  • Provides daily reports of the security officer’s route and incident reports
  • Eliminates handwritten reports that are hard to read
GPS patrol tracking systems improve our security officers’ accountability and result in the best possible security service. You can keep track of the guard and make sure they are completing their assigned tasks. If there is any doubt, you can quickly see where a guard is, what they are doing, and where they have been during their shift.



 Why Choose DMAC For Security in Maryland?

At DMAC Security, we are committed to exceeding your expectation of quality security service.  Our long list of services will ensure that we have the solution for any security challenge.  We take your security seriously. Our officers go through background checks and extensive training to ensure we only provide the finest officers. Our well-trained security personnel, talented managerial team, and patrol tracking systems combine, resulting in Maryland’s best security service company.

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