How to Develop Security Talent Internally for Leadership Roles

How to Develop Talent Internally for Leadership Roles

Many benefits lie in developing in-house leadership by training and advancing your top staff members. Rather than seek leadership outside your organization, you can train your people with your exact values, corporate goals, and procedures for doing things, and ensuring their success and yours.

The workplace has changed radically over the past couple of years, and employees expect more nowadays. The “Great Resignation” shows that unless a worker feels there is an opportunity for advancement with their employer, they may easily switch jobs to find a better fit. Keeping staff happy is not just about salary and benefits; to be truly competitive, you must hire from within and offer a clear path for advancement. Here we outline the benefits and a few tips on how to develop security talent internally for leadership roles.

Benefits of Hiring Leadership from Within

It’s often less expensive to hire from within, and it also boosts morale. If your team knows they can advance to senior roles, it will help to build employee trust, loyalty, and retention.

As a bonus, you will know that your leadership team was appropriately trained and are experts in the industry because they started learning the ropes from the ground up. Your existing staff members are already invested in the company’s growth, and they understand the culture, so it’s an easy transition for them to move upward. 

Ways to Train Employees for Senior-Level Roles

Before advancing anyone, you must be able to recognize potential. Look for employees with good communication skills, accountability, responsibility, and strategic thinking and those with strong conflict-resolutions skills.

Some other tips for training and preparing employees to be leaders include:

  • Cultivate diversity and inclusion throughout your company. For example, hiring more women in security roles. 
  • Create leadership opportunities for employees to work towards. Hold internal seminars to talk about potential roles and training requirements.
  • Start the conversation about leadership opportunities early in their employment. Have HR or another representative help them map out a career path to work toward an eventual leadership role.
  • Allow budding leaders to step into the role by having them take the reins and adopt responsibility early on. 
  • Initiate a mentorship program where current leaders help prepare up-and-coming employees for more prominent roles. 
  • Fully train employees who are moving up the corporate ladder. The number one complaint of most workers today is that they do not receive the proper training to do their jobs to feel confident. Be sure to offer different types of learning experiences. Each person learns differently (visually, auditory, etc.).
  • Provide regular feedback to help future leaders get better at their jobs. Don’t just focus on the negatives; provide compliments when they do something exceptionally well.
  • Provide all the tools and resources they need to succeed.

The world of security is very lucrative and competitive. By hiring from within to move exceptional people into leadership roles, you can ensure more success for everyone involved.

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