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Who We Are

The company was formed and incorporated as a limited company. The Company Registration number is…

The Company VAT No is…

The Company is a subsidiary of Tha Spot which provides all round services for events and entertainment due to the success of providing security to different clients this services has now broken away from Tha Spot and will continue to grow under its own team & terms and conditions.


offer an extensive range of security guard solutions in London. We are also SafeContractor approved and have been since our founding

Vision / mission / values

Commitments / responsibilities 


N.A.B.COM mission is to be recognised as a leader in service excellence in all aspects of its business operation. By our innovative, bespoke and partnership approach, we strive to ensure that we will deliver if not exceed client expectations through our culture of continuous development such as technology solutions, staff learning & development and service enhancements we aim to pro-actively provide a specialist management structure to our staff and partners requirements.

At N.A.B.COM our mission is to provide quality driven security services to our clients. Developing relationship with our clients. we continue to improve and expand upon our services in order to ensure that we are well equipped to offer modern solutions whilst maintaining traditional values which form the foundation of our organisation.


Every company is unique and works to its own ethos, here at N.A.B.COM our ethos is Service, Integrity, Ability an we work diligently to up keep this. We believe by keeping our management team small we can effectively monitor and provide the very best in security services an due to the team being kept this way it gives us instant accountability which naturally keeps our integrity in check. With this in place it means that we can focus on getting our clients only the very best security officers with the highest ability within the industry, which means our security officers are able to effectively integrate with your company’s culture and existing processes.


N.A.B.COM is determined to achieve a leading Security Company in the U.K Security Industry. We shall deliver quality service at competitive prices, we shall provide a good working environment for our security guards.


Our Values

We are a value led organisation, our values are Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Determination and Excellence. Our PRIDE values are at the core of all that we do, informing all of our decisions and ensuring we deliver for all our stakeholders whether you are a security operative or a client looking for security. 

Traditional Values & Modern Solutions

  • We shall strive our best to set high standards in all aspects of security guarding services.

  • We shall create mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.

  • We shall recognise and appreciate the marketplace.


We employ over 3,000 well-trained and motivated people to deliver our services across the london. It is a feature of the way we do business that our senior managers take personal responsibility for our clients, their requirements, and the business relationship. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service to clients and we continuously invest in our knowledge, skills, experience, management and technical capability to enhance the security services we deliver.

Our promise to clients is to fulfil the following obligations:

• Provide vetted, trained and experienced security staff

• Provide a consistently high quality service that compliments your image

• Set our prices at the most competitive level

• Provide insurance cover for all our security officers deployed to your premises

• Provide a written report within 12 hours of all incident and major occurrences

• Regular consultation with clients in our efforts to maintain high quality service

Quality Policy

To achieve customer satisfaction and meet requirements through continuous improvements of the quality management system.


As a company committed to the communities in which we work, we understand our responsibility towards current and future generations.

We are committed to improving the best working practices at the workplace and also ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

We shall support the organisations who legislate, regulate and improve our security industry.

We ensure strict compliance with Health & Safety procedures for the safety and security of our guards, customers and stakeholders.

We shall strive our best to set high standards in all aspects of security guarding services.

We shall create mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.

We shall recognise and appreciate the marketplace.

We develop and continuously improve its environmental performance.

We minimise the extent of environmental impacts of operations within the Company’s sphere of influence

liaise with our clients on potential environmental issues and work with them to address concerns, in so far as project constraints permit

strive to minimise any emissions or effluents which may cause environmental damage

conserve energy through minimising consumption and maximising efficiency

minimise the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment

promote efficient purchasing which will both minimise waste and allow materials to be recycled where appropriate

employ sound waste management practices

Prevent pollution to land, air and water

put in place procedures and support information that enables compliance with the law, regulations and codes of practice relating to environmental issues

provide suitable training on environmental issues for employees

recognise and encourage the contribution every employee can make towards improving environmental performance

develop procedures and, where appropriate, set performance targets

sustain and develop this policy by the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS)

monitor environmental performance, make regular reviews of the policy and EMS, and make improvements where possible

It is our intention to wherever practicably possible reduce overall energy use, so reducing the overall energy costs incurred by us.

We are also committed to reducing carbon and other emissions that impact upon the environment.

We are committed to constantly improving energy efficiency.

This policy will be reviewed and updated when necessary, particularly in respect of major changes within the company and/or changes in legislation and bring these changes to the attention of all employees.

We will as a minimum comply with all environmental legislation in force in this jurisdiction and any other jurisdiction in which we carry on our business.

This policy is intended to be practical and relevant to all employees and simple to apply in everyday work situations.

We shall support the organisations who legislate, regulate and improve our security industry.

To treat all customers and staff with respect irrespective of disability, race or gender.

Custom / bespoke service

Listening to the customer

N.A.B.COM has specially trained staff and comprehensive list of services guarantee your optimum security aiming to meet your personal or business security needs and is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the design, installation and support of your business.

As a customer-focused company, N.A.B.COM has developed a market-leading range of security services in London and the flexibility to tailor these to the needs of each individual client.

We will listen to clients with the aim of understanding their particular needs and in order to meet requirements and to offer you vital professional advice. 


In an informal meeting we will identify problems and discuss the key elements of a possible contract. 


A complete assessment of your needs will be done to ensure solutions that meet your request. This will also help to provide clients with a transparent and quality service that guarantees a good and longlasting cooperation with our customers.


N.A.B.COM together with our technology partner Evolution (Electronic Security Systems) Ltd, will carry out a full, security survey of your premises to assess your specific requirements in terms of your exposure to risk and the need to comply with security legislation and regulations. We will then design a bespoke system that uses the latest products and security technology.

We are dedicated and committed to our clients, guards and other stakeholders to operate our business in an honest and transparent way.

We know our clients’ security needs can change, sometimes at very short notice, we retain the flexibility to quickly and efficiently ramp up or scale down our security solutions to meet these changes.


From N.A.B /Exceeding customer expectations

From the client 

From staff provided

From N.A.B /Exceeding customer expectations

Our bespoke security services are personable, professional and highly efficient. The majority of our security guards have extensive backgrounds in the Police and British military. Their vast training and experience enables us to offer you an unrivalled security service, with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

We endeavour to help anyone in London that needs us in a prompt and friendly manner. We continually evaluate the quality of our service to ensure an ever-evolving solution to your site safety whether residential, commercial or industrial. 

In addition, we are committed to provide services that meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients and we continually monitor our performance to ensure that we deliver an exceptional service. 

Facilities management specialists enable us to share a new level of best practice with our customers.

We have a documented quality policy and regularly review our quality management systems in order to achieve full compliance to our customer’s requirements and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

A fundamental expectation  of N.A.B.COM Ltd aims to deliver on is to supply the customer with clear and transparent information and terms and conditions of business to ensure there are no surprises to either party. We are confident that our customers appreciate this approach.

What to expect from N.A.B.COM

All staff to be CRB checked, Screened and Vetted, Trained and insured, Polite and reliable,First Aid at Work & CSCS Certified and finally Fully uniformed

We select our security teams to be a good cultural fit for our client organisations. Our teams are well presented and have good people skills. They are trained to make a positive impact in the organisations they serve.

Expectations of the customer 

It is our objective to satisfy all our customer’s requirements and would ask that where possible we are given between 12 to 7 days notice in order for us to provide any additional cover over and above the initial requirements of the contract.

We accept, by understanding our customers business that this is not always possible and you can be assured we will endeavour to satisfy all requirements to the best of our ability.


N.A.B policy 

N.A.B Standards

Standards Recruitment

Standards Staff

Staff Standards

Our guards

All personnel at N.A.B.COM are fully trained, hold appropriate SIA Licences and are DBS (formerly CRB) vetted to BS 7858.

At NAB we work as a team to deliver operational excellence and truly believe that the service we provide is unparalleled in the security industry.

Our People

Our people A highly engaged and well-trained workforce are, without a doubt, our greatest asset. 

How we look after our people plays a crucial role in the success of our operations and our business as a whole. Our People support the vision and values of the business and we always strive to appoint the most talented and engaged staff. That’s why we have developed an industry leading benefits package, and a comprehensive training and development philosophy to help motivate and support our employees throughout their careers with N.A.B.COM. We focus on excellent customer service and our employees must feel they are genuinely valued, empowered and can make a difference. We go to great lengths to ensure that we recruit our personnel specifically for individual contractual requirements. We pride ourselves on only deploying experienced and properly trained guards who are polite, proactive professional and smartly dressed guards, we aim to encourage excellent performance, clarifying responsibility, learning and development, inclusion and great rewards. We also focus heavily on developing talent from within, and we mentor and support our employees as part of our succession planning strategy.  The People Strategy sets out the key objectives that will ensure that we remain a good and fair employer.

It’s also vital that they’re able to be flexible and uphold our company ethos of having an intelligent approach to security.

It is important to us that our staff appearance is always of a high standard. At N.A.B.COM, we respect the significance of brand awareness. It is clear to us that good branding is the product of a clear vision which must be mirrored by potential suppliers in order to build a successful relationship.

The staff that represents us fully understands they have an important role to play to ensure both our clients and the N.A.B.COM brands are fully protected. This awareness is achieved through effective communication, performance management and training.

We pride ourselves on our customer-orientated approach, as well as our direct employees only policy. Which means when you use N.A.B.COM to hire security guards for your London site, you’ll receive a second to none friendly customer focused service at a reasonable price all with the knowledge that you are being protected by people you can trust.By having this direct only staff policy means we are able to easily offer duel-role capabilities such as site concierge to Health and Safety checks, our flexible security guard packages are tailor made to meet your specific requirements. Which will help you keep costs down without compromising on your security levels.

How do we keep our standards so HIGH?

We use a variety of methods to keep our guards on point but our main three are: regular meetings with staff and clients, extended recruitment process and our fully traceable site/patrol system which allows you as the client to log on at anytime and see whether or not your daily, weekly or monthly tasks are being completed and depending on the task you can view this live as our team are completing them!!!

Fully Trained Security Staff

All of our event officers are vetted to BS7858 standards, while they have undergone extensive in-house training in conjunction with site-specific briefings. Our highly experienced team leaders ensure that all our event staff will only provide the highest level of service in all roles. This means N.A.B.COM only gives you the most effective and suitable services for the event you are hosting.

N.A.B Standards

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means operating our business in a manner that meets, or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial, and public expectations that our clients, our staff, and society have of us. We strive to lead in these areas.

Environmental Awareness

We believe sustainable operations are those that drive efficient resource use and provide a healthy environment, which in turn facilitates social progress and economic growth. We strive to act as responsible stewards of the environment and commit to continual improvement in this area.

N.A.B.COM is conscious about the social and environmental impact of our activities and act in a responsible and proactive manner. We continue to develop and implement comprehensive and effective policies aimed at delivering good results and practice.

Passion, Determination & Leadership

Demonstrating our relentless work ethic, our passion for doing a good job, and our determination to continuously look for new and creative ways of delivering our service is what sets us apart from our competitors, regardless of contract size.

Being as passionate as we are about security. We understand that customers to rely on us completely to safeguard their businesses. That's why every security contract we undertake is personally overseen by one of our Directors to ensure we consistently deliver the very highest professional standards.

Our service delivery standards are closely monitored and our results demonstrate exemplary levels of service, which we achieve through effective leadership, passion and determination in everything we do.

We are focused on building sustainable, long term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is of the upmost importance. In any business first impressions are vital. Our aim is to enhance the Customer Journey. Our teams ensure that our clients and visitors to clients’ premises will remember their interactions with us for all the right reasons.

To achieve customer satisfaction and meet requirements through continuous improvements of the quality management system.

Innovation & Evolution

In order for us to deliver comprehensive, innovative service solutions, it is important for us to understand and appreciate what your organisation is aiming to achieve as a business.

We are committed to providing a high quality security service which will support and uphold the values of our clients’ individual organisations. This is achieved through consistently providing added value, innovative, forward-thinking solutions to drive forward your security services.

provides uniformed security personnel to a diverse range of clients across a wide range of sectors. (Services link)

Venue Documentation (could also be used in procedures)

All venues will be issued with documentation that includes full written instructions for the Door staff and relevant records that evidence compliance to out quality standards and your requirements. Customers will receive copies where required. Documentation is left at venues to allow your management to review them whenever they require


Equipment will be supplied to the venue to allow the Door Supervisor to carry out his responsibilities correctly. Equipment can include: Radio communications, metal detection wands, protective clothing, digital cameras. N.A.B.COM Ltd can supply these items or if the customer supplies them a register of equipment will be drawn up to ensure the Door Staff look after equipment and ensure it is protected against abuse or damage.


Confidentiality Agreement

All staff employed and the Management of our company will ensure that any and all information seen or received relating to the customer’s products, business or employees will be bound a customer confidentiality agreement and not disclosed to any third party, replicated or relayed in any form.

Uniforms, Licences and Insignia

All Door Supervisors will either wear N.A.B.COM Ltd uniform or to support a venue theme, appropriate Customer corporate clothing if desired.

We will conduct regular satisfaction surveys throughout the length of the contract to ensure our aims and objectives and your requirements are being met.

Staff Training and Development

The company has a documented training policy and all Door Supervisors are subjected to internal induction training, local authority training course with a written examination in accordance with current licencing requirements and receive further in-house and venue specific training as appropriate.

Paramedics are fully trained and qualified and receive regular training updates to ensure they remain capable of providing that necessary fast response that can be a requirement in the club scene of today.

We invest heavily in our staff to ensure they achieve the level of service and supply expected by our customers. Our selection, training and vetting procedures ensure the people we employ are professionals and they carry out their duties in a manner that reflects their training and skills in a positive manner.

We react quickly to customer needs and can tailor each contract uniquely to the customer's requirements.

Standards Recruitment

Employee Screening

One way that you can minimise the chance of internal theft is by screening your employees prior to hiring. This will help you to identify any potential high-risk clients. By carrying out employee screening, including criminal background checks, you immediately reduce the chance of internal theft which is often the most prominent security risk to warehouses.

Security is a serious business, and at N.A.B.COM we’re serious about only recruiting the very best to give our clients complete peace of mind.

We select our security teams to be a good cultural fit for our client organisations. Our teams are well presented and have good people skills. They are trained to make a positive impact in the organisations they serve.

We pride ourselves on the presentation and personalization of the security guard services we offer – you even get to choose the uniform that your security guards wear!



• Health and Safety Policy.

• Quality and Environmental Policy. .

• Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

• Equality and Diversity Policy.

N.A.B.COM policies are available to our valued customers on request


Training & Accreditations

Providing our team with the best possible training is quintessential to providing a professional service to our clients. Our qualified in-house trainers provide nationally recognised certified courses to ensure our employees receive all the training necessary to perform their jobs well.

The Academy

This academy forms part of our People Strategy Learning & Development and is one of the core principles that we offer to our staff.


Home to all of our Learning & Development needs, from basic Health & Safety training, to People Management to high level qualifications, coaching and mentoring.

The Academy is an approved training provider offering nationally recognised and or approved courses under the following organisations:

Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance (HABC)

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

Industry Qualifications (IQ)


Staff Procedures 

Management Procedures

Staff Procedures 

Fully insured for Public and Employee liability, N.A.B.COM Security staff would report for their assigned duties in an agreed uniform comprising of a black suit, shirt and a black or black and red tie. Whilst on site our door supervisors are the first impression given of your venue or event. With this in mind customer service and satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Staff would report to site, in time to carry out their safety checks.

Any security personnel reporting for duty will enter their full name, badge number and expiry date, next of kin details and time in / out on the company time sheet provided.

All relevant Health and Safety information is documented on appropriate paperwork as required.

Our security officers are inducted to the sites specific requirements, thus giving the client reassurance and satisfaction that their site will be protected and secure.

providing you with a quality assured record each week of our Security Guards’ patrol duties, whilst on Site.

We keep in contact with our security guards 24 hours a day so we can be sure standards are high and client expectations are met – if not exceeded. We’re a close and efficient team, comprising of a Human Resources department that regularly vets our guards, and an Operations division that conducts checks at client premises to ensure quality assurance.

They display their ID passes at all times. Our call center operates 24hrs a day, and the status of your guard can be tracked at any time. We use professional call logging and a time attendance system to ensure you are receiving the best possible service.

All our contracts are managed, we have a direct number to a area supervisor should an emergency arise.

Our security personnel are highly knowledgeable and experienced in security procedures around the London area. And our representatives consistently attend the City of London meetings on security affairs.

How we can help you

Sales pitch / story

Local area


For most firms, keeping their overheads under control is very important. This has led some companies to try and manage without the services they normally use outside contractors for – such as security.

On paper, this might look like a good idea. However, many firms who have chosen to do so have realised that trying to do without security is, in reality, actually a pretty terrible idea.

Without security you’ll be a living target for savvy thieves

Companies often discover they’ve made themselves, their premises, and their equipment a soft target for thieves.

Criminal gangs wanting to carry out robberies and burglaries do their research. 

There’s no two ways about it. 

These guys are savvy. 

They look for premises without security and naturally choose to rob the easy-to-enter premises.

In other words, they always go for those companies without security.

Potential Problems with Workplace Insurance

Some firms have found that their insurance premiums have risen because they no longer have onsite security or an alarm system.

A few companies have failed to mention the fact they have changed their security arrangements to their insurance company to try to avoid paying higher premiums.

Mark our words – this is definitely not a wise move!

If there was ever a robbery, it can be difficult to get the insurance company to pay out in full without security. 

Don’t put yourself in that position!

Professional security services don’t have to be expensive.

Fortunately, over the past few years, the cost of security services has fallen rather than risen. 

Security companies now use new technology to help them to provide a quality and dependent service at a low cost.

Most firms will take a look at your business premises, present the options to you along with the costs, and allow you to choose the type of security you use for each site.

This tailored approach saves money and makes securing your business premises properly affordable and easy.

You should never compromise on the security of your home or business.

In today’s testing financial climate, it is essential to find those companies that offer a high quality service whilst still catering for those on a tight budget.

This is an area where London Security Services excels. It is one of our strongest points – that’s what our customers say anyway!

Our unrivalled expertise has enabled us to successfully protect the assets of countless private and public sector organisations.  

We understand that a security system is only as good as its most vulnerable point, we therefore take a holistic approach to delivering security solutions that can help reduce costs, minimise risk and optimise protection where required.

Our services have been tailored to provide complete security and lifestyle management for high net worth individuals, families and businesses based in/or visiting London.

All our security guards are fully SIA licensed, of smart attire and highly experienced.

To make sure our clients’ security needs are met, we offer a comprehensive selection of security services – including security guards, key holding and alarm response, CCTV monitoring, event security and mobile patrols. Each of our bespoke security packages is created in line with our clients’ specific needs. We provide our clients with a plethora of facilities, suitable for any industry and environment.

From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from beginning to end ensuring your needs stays secure throughout. Our guards are always dressed in uniform, helping provide your company with a professional image whilst reassuring your employees of our security presence.

Talk to N.A.B.COM about your corporate security needs, and enable the experts to help keep you safe and secure. Our tailored manned guarding solutions have been specifically designed for the Construction, Commercial and Corporate sectors. 

Here, we provide highly visible and extremely effective physical deterrents to protect client premises against theft, damage and other serious incidents. In addition, we have a unique ability to react to and resolve issues in real time.

construction SITE SECURITY

Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage. Without expert security guards, sites can fall victim to repeated targeting from youths and criminal gangs. Many insurance companies even refuse to insure sites with no out-of-hours manned security.

Which is where we come in.

N.A.B.COM offer a first-class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more.

Our crime prevention specialists undertake a site specific survey liaising with site management before starting each project. Patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and hot spots are identified and assessed in the risk assessment and a specific security operation is proposed and agreed.

Local Area 

Why local security = better security?

Hiring a local security service has many benefits.

Firstly, as locals themselves, security personnel understand the area much better.

But mostly because a local company will develop a much better understanding and relationship with the place and its people.

This allow security operatives to have that kind of in-depth, special knowledge that only a local can have which in turn will support fellow local businesses, feeding the economy and building a financially stable, healthier community.

With their thorough understanding of the area and its inhabitants, local companies can protect you much better than any other external agency.

Our local security service in London provides a wide range of security solutions 


including retail security, store detectives, security guards, CCTV monitoring and training, special security arrangements for events, night club security services, concierge security services, dog handlers and much more.

So, whatever your security requirements may be, our locally-based company is equipped to offer complete and comprehensive protection.

Our local security firm is affordable, too.

Local security services in London are affordable. 

So you won’t have to hesitate in securing your home, business, or family.

You’ll receive customized security packages depending on your requirements. 

On the whole, the service turns out to be cost effective. 

More importantly, you get services that are worth the money you pay.

Total peace of mind so you can enjoy the parks and museums!

All your worldly possessions mean nothing if you don’t have peace of mind. 

When you know that an efficient local security service is responsible for your safety, peace of mind comes naturally.

Security is important in all walks of life, especially in the current conditions where you cannot predict where and when violence may break out.

location issues

None of us like to let our customers down. But when we are based hundreds of miles away from our clients, it’s difficult to be there for them at short notice.

That’s where N.A.B.COM comes in. (Subcontracting link)

In London 

London – an unlikely crime hotspot?

The facts don’t lie – crime rates in London seem alarming. 

Just turn to a MET report and you’re faced with numbers of reported crimes in their thousands.

Among the different types of crimes recorded, anti-social behaviour, violence, theft from vehicles, and burglary recorded 692, 405, 125 and 119 cases respectively.

So with crime riding high in London, you cannot deny the need of a robust security system in place to protect your family, home, and business.

Having evolved as a company in our local London, we really value that local touch. It’s really important to us. That’s why we get to know all the areas we work in – so we can carry out our work with that personal touch.

We understand the trouble that can go down at your retail outlet or shopping center. We know how to deal with those unruly, drunk youngsters that cause havoc in your town center on a Saturday night. And we know how to make sure you can enjoy all your local amenities – from clubs to restaurants – so your town always feels like home.

Why not use our homegrown, London-based, security company

Our security personnel are highly knowledgeable and experienced in security procedures around the London area. And our representatives consistently attend the City of London meetings on security affairs

Out of London 

Although London Security Services caters mostly for London, we’ve made it our job to become locals throughout the surrounding counties. This way, we can offer an extra special personal touch to those looking for security services out of London.



If you’re supplying an excellent service to your clients in other parts of the UK but simply don’t have an office close to London, don’t let this stop you providing that same fantastic service. More importantly, don’t lose your professional reputation over it! You can subcontract our security services so we can cover your customer’s sites throughout London.

We’re used to stepping in at short notice to fulfil your client’s needs in and around the London area. Whether you need a single security guard for one evening, or over 20 security guards around the clock for a number of months, we can assist you.

We offer A diverse portfolio of additional specialist security services enables us to work with clients as a single source, strategic security partner.

Subcontracting security services to us stops you having to advertise, recruit and employ staff in an area in which you may not be ready to operate in. Or you may just have a short term need and don’t need to have the hassle of advertising, recruiting and employing staff for a brief refurbishment or similar short term occurrence.

Our promise to you – from one security company to another

Our service will fit seamlessly into yours and your client won’t even know that you’re using subcontract security guards – that’s our promise!

don’t let your customers down!

Call to action have a contact link

value security services, or budget retail security guards in London and the surrounding areas, look no further than us.

Call to action

ensure you can sleep easy and get on with what matters – that’s the real value of affordable security services!

So hire our expert local London security company and live a safe life.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation non-binding consultation meeting. 

We would be glad to visit your premises to carry out a survey and assessment of your needs.

If you’re interested in hiring our experienced security guarding service, either fill out form to the right  or call us now on freephone to discuss what we can offer today 0208… to make a booking.

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