Our dog teams provide a prompt and specialised response to bomb threats and other dangerous items that may present a threat to clients’ assets and lives. Unlike traditional guard dogs, K9 dogs are gentle, intelligent and non-threatening in nature.

Our Standards

Our QA/QC programme ensures that the DMAC Security teams continue to maintain the highest standards throughout the course of a contract. This includes monthly training reports, quarterly field assessments by a supervisor, after action/incident report documentation and 12-month re-certification. Training is conducted with the EDDs on a daily basis which is recorded and submitted monthly to management.

What Our K9 Security Teams Do

In Maryland, K9 security teams are often called upon to:

DMAC Security K9 are capable of being deployed into adverse conditions and are trained to perform the following operational tasks:

  • Entry control points
  • Building sweeps
  • Open area/road sweeps
  • Vehicle, ship and aircraft sweeps
  • Battlefield clearance
  • Package search
  • Airport sweeps

The areas that our teams work in includes:

  • Explosive detection
  • Narcotic detection
  • Search & rescue
  • Patrol/tracking (K9 Protection)