Residential security services

Keeping a residential community safe can be a challenge for property managers.  For many, hiring a security service is the right answer. If you want the best residential security services, then you need DMAC Security. Our professional, well-trained security guards offer incredible security for the residents in any community.

Unarmed Security Guards

For many situations, an unarmed guard is a perfect option. An unarmed security guard:

  • Performs routine patrols
  • Keeps the community safe
  • Provides reliable security to a residential area

Without a weapon, the officer will rely on their verbal skills to de-escalate a situation. In many cases, merely seeing a uniformed officer in a marked vehicle is enough to deter criminals. They will patrol the residential area that keeps would-be criminals away.

Many of our customers choose an unarmed security guard and see immediate results in their residential community.

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Armed Security Guards


You might opt for an armed security officer for more communities with ongoing drug activity or risks of violent crime.  All our armed guards go through thorough background checks and many rounds of training.

The bottom line is that you want the families in your residential community to feel safe. If that means bringing in an armed residential security guard, then we will be happy to provide one.  This is the perfect solution for areas with a history of crime, drug activity or offer luxury housing options to wealthy residents.

Deposit photos Fire Watch Security

Fire watch services at DMAC Security is here to help.  We will have people patrol the premises and look for signs of fire.  Fire watch patrols are required if your sprinklers, fire alarm, or fire suppression system is not working. In some cases, a fire marshal can order a property to have fire watch and fine them if they fail to do so. 

Our team has hands-on experience providing fire watch. Our officer will walk around the site, look for signs of fire, and fill out a patrol log.

Fire Watch Duties

  • Making sure exits are clear
  • Identifying potential fire hazards or problems
  • Filling out a detailed patrol log with patrol times, observations, and areas
  • Alerting residents in case of fire
  • Continually looking for signs of fire
  • Dialing 911 in case of fire

GPS Patrol Tracking


At DMAC Security, we use GPS patrol tracking for each of our officers. It is a system that monitors where our officers are at any given time.  This helps you keep track of the officer designated to your residential community.  Patrol tracking enables the officer to report an incident or call for back-up with their exact location known. It also helps us ensure our officers provide the best security possible throughout their time of duty.

Data is compiled and shared with our clients. In the past, we have found that the added level of security, accountability, and information associated with our GPS tracking system has helped our clients a lot.

Why Choose DMAC For Residential Security?


We are here to provide the best security services in the area.  At DMAC Security, we understand the need for peace of mind in a residential community. Families deserve to be safe in their community.

We put our security officers through a stringent vetting process and a sizeable amount of training. Having the best officers gives us the ability to offer the best services. That is why we can present so many residential security services at DMAC Security.

We have a service for every need. We use the newest technology, training, and ideas to keep our company competitive and our officers ready. When you need the best security for your residential area, you need DMAC Security.

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