Event Security Guards

30 Years of Event Security Services

30 Years of Event Security Services
Whether you are planning a family party or hold regular events at your venue, security can be an added burden of event planning. Let our uniformed professionals manage all security issues so you can relax and enjoy your event, or focus on the needs of those in attendance.

Event Security Services

Maryland plays host to numerous special events including concerts, conventions, parades, celebrity weddings, festivals, sporting events, movie premieres, political events, demonstrations, marathons, and more. Whenever crowds gather or high profile guests are expected, the potential for an incident increases. DMAC Security provides comprehensive security services to ensure the safety and security of your special event, guests, VIPs, and property.

For event security, we provide:

  • crowd control
  • threat assessment plans
  • crisis response plans
  • vandalism
  • facilities protection

Over the past few years, event and concert venues have specifically been targets for terrorist attacks, robbery and assaults. Such events attract huge crowds, leading to congestion, especially due to limited exit points. Keeping this in mind, event organizers have the added responsibility of assessing security threats and implementing security measures to mitigate the risk and ensure safety.

However, it’s important to realize that event security comprises much more than simply securing the premises. It includes formulating, implementing and managing security plans to protect delegates, guests, service providers, sponsors, partners, organizers, audience and the media.

What We Do

Our security solutions are specifically tailored to suit each event where our trained armed and unarmed security guards are provided with local law enforcement memos that pertain to their area of operation. We provide event related security keeping in mind parameters mentioned below:

  1. Size of the event
  2. Duration
  3. Location
  4. The extent of media coverage
  5. Historical, political or symbolic significance
  6. Any existing threats
  7. Number of dignitaries and VIPs

Additionally, we also consider parameters such as the existing infrastructure and utilities, existing hardware, landscaping, possibility of unauthorized access and the street layout; factors which may affect the movement of the crowd and vehicular traffic on the road.

What we offer for your event
When it comes to event security, we provide onsite, posted uniformed and plainclothes officers (armed or unarmed) for events such as:

  • Government functions and events
  • Private parties, political functions and events
  • Concerts, fairs, expositions, trade shows and public entertainment
  • Conventions, business gatherings & other similar events
  • VIP security details, surveillance & individual protection
  • Concierge services, mobile escorts, customized services for attendees and other security-related services as required
  • Political events and rallies

Our officers can act in any capacity and/or wear event-appropriate attire so as to not draw attention or to be as visible as possible for deterrent purposes.
Simply give us your instructions, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your desires will be followed professionally and in accordance with your objectives.
Call us for details on how we can best serve you and/or your guests.

The DMAC Advantage

We provide specific security solutions desired by event planners, including a thorough risk assessment of the venue to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the audience. Contingency plans are kept ready to be used in situations like stampedes, brawls, fire and any medical emergencies.

Our trained security personnel is competent enough to secure the event perimeter, thereby reducing the risk of having any harmful and hostile vehicles around the venue. High profile events also bring with them a threat of protestors. Our security guards are well trained to control crowds and escort people to safety in case of an emergency.

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