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Apart from public places like hotels and malls, security is also required to be provided in industrial and commercial institutions such as plants where chemicals and petrochemicals are processed, oil refining units, distributors of liquid and natural gas, pulp and paper mills, pharmaceutical plants and mining operations. Such industrial organizations have become potential targets and thus, creating a need for a comprehensive security strategy.

Such needs call for security solutions from an organization that is a trusted name in the security sector and can provide end-to-end solutions for clients. Ensuring the security of one’s business, its employees and the surroundings play a crucial factor in determining the security factors required by business clients today.

What We Do

As a pioneer in modern security provision, a substantial part of our business is to provide a host of security services to our clients. These include:

Access Control

Our advanced security control enables us to address to the needs of our clients irrespective of the size of their businesses. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with intercoms, biometric devices and digital videos.

Video Surveillance

We specialize in setting up and managing a web of surveillance cameras across any industrial premises. Our security guards also monitor the surveillance footage meticulously to detect any unethical practices.

Visitor Management

Visitors are questioned about their purpose of visit, frisked and issued a badge before they enter the industry premises. We also keep a track of all visitors who have entered and exited the facility.

Intrusion Detection

Our trained security guards keep constant vigilance to keep the perimeter secure. They are also trained to detect any activity that distinguishes itself from ‘normal activity’ and may pose a threat.

The DMAC Advantage

At DMAC, we are committed to offering the best services replete with trained and experienced professionals. We are committed to the security of our clients’ businesses and deliver our promises. Providing security solutions is core to who we are and we constantly innovate to make the world a safer place to live in.

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