Construction Site Security Guards

30 Years of Construction Site Security Experience

When everyone at your construction site goes home at the end of the day, our security personnel make sure that everything at your construction site is safe and there when you return.  As a construction security company, we know what it takes to protect construction sites.  Our security officers, leadership team and patrol tracking systems combine resulting in the best private security services.  DMAC Security is the right choice for construction site security.   

Our Construction Site Expertise

The leadership team at DMAC has over 30 years of experience protecting construction sites. We under the unique needs of the construction industry. In addition to being watchful for suspicious activity, we also watch for safety hazards. We consider safety and crime prevention to be of equal importance. No security organization in the region has a comparable combination of our experience, skill-set, and commitment to safety and security.

Unarmed Security Officers

Unarmed security officers are the vanguard of our organization. Our team of unarmed professional security officers patrols the interior and perimeter of your job site. Suspicious activity is reported to local law enforcement. Safety concerns are documented and reported to the designated point of contact.

security guard at construction site

Patrol Tracking Systems

Our hiring process is designed to ensure that only the best officers are permitted to join our security team. However, we know that even the best employees do a better job when they know that are being watched. As a result, all construction patrol activity is monitored by our patrol tracking system.
The patrol tracking system uses GPS to verify that the officer is on-site throughout their patrol. RFID checkpoints are used within the buildings to monitor interior patrols. Patrol reports are automatically created and distributed at the end of duty. Our construction clients can sleep easy knowing that our officers are on duty, doing their jobs.

hot works fire watch

Construction Fire Watch Service

Construction fire watch is one of our most popular services. The most common use is to watch propane heaters overnight. Our fire watch officers monitor the propane heaters making sure that they do not start fires.
Our fire watch officers are also used for hot works fire watch. Sparks from welding projects pose a serious fire risk. Fire watch officers monitor welding areas watching to confirm that the smoldering metal does not cause fires.

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