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Providing guests with a safe stay is the main point that hotels are judged by. Guests checking into a hotel tend to bring with them a large amount of cash, valuables or important documents. It, therefore, becomes imperative for hotel management to ensure that all such things are taken care of, especially during present times when the incidence of crime in hotels has soared.

Hotels are expected to have a sound safety and security system in place to protect guests and hotel staff, premises, equipment, lawns and gardens, as well as the luggage brought in by guests.

What We Do

Security officers provide effective monitoring services for hotel owners to create and maintain a safe and secure environment for their guests and staff. The presence of a security guard on the premises discourages thieves and other anti-social elements. Our hotel management services include, but are not limited to:

Patrolling the Property

This includes patrolling the property and access points to prevent the entry of unauthorized people.


Our trained security guards are capable of handling surveillance equipment such as security cameras and alarm systems.

Escorting Unruly Patrons

Many hotels have a bar or a nightclub in their premises where inebriated people may cause trouble. Our security guards help with escorting or detaining such people out of the hotel premises.

Maintain Hotel Decorum

Hotels have a set of rules which guests are expected to follow. These may include rules such as not allowing pets in the hotel premises or not allowing children in the swimming pool without supervision. Our security guards help in ensuring that such law is followed.

The DMAC Advantage

Our well-trained security guards work round the clock to maintain a safe and secure environment. They are well equipped to handle any emergency situation arising in a hotel including theft and accidents.

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